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Surprisingly luscious whole milk yogurt in eight captivating flavors.

The attention we pay when crafting our sumptuous yogurt is apparent in each spoonful. It begins with our choice of ingredients. The whole milk and cream we select create an indulgently silky texture. The live, active cultures add a layer of deep flavor that is punctuated with bold, real fruit. And as you should expect, we refrain from adding gelatin, sugar substitutes or preservatives.

Surprisingly luscious whole milk yogurt in eight captivating flavors.

  • Philippine Coconut

    Nothing nurtures coconuts to their peak of perfection quite like the tropical terrain of the Philippines. Earthy and nutty, paired with our whole milk, you don’t so much taste it as experience it.

  • Lemon

    This unexpectedly sharp, citrus kick—from lemons picked at their peak of ripeness—is the perfect foil for our smooth and creamy, whole milk yogurt.

  • Baja Strawberry

    Nurtured by the balmy winds of the Pacific Ocean, strawberries from the Baja Peninsula are unlike any other. Their sweet, summery flavor profile is just the right companion for our whole milk yogurt.

  • Californian Pomegranate

    We start with pomegranate juice from the Golden State. Fresh, tart, bursting with flavor—just waiting for our whole milk yogurt.

  • Washington Black Cherry

    The arid growing season of the Pacific Northwest produces a deep red, mahogany black cherry that’s equal parts sweet and tart. With flavor notes of cacao and citrus, it takes our organic, whole milk yogurt to a whole other level.

  • Sweet Cream

    We start with pure, organic whole milk, sourced from a co-operative of family farms. Then, we lightly sweeten our yogurt with organic cane sugar to bring you a sweet, creamy taste.

  • Ecuadorian Mango

    Our search for the perfect mangos brought us to the tropics of Ecuador. Bright, tangy, and flavorful, this buttery smooth fruit was made for our whole milk yogurt.

  • French Lavender

    The lavender from France is like Champagne from—well, France. Floral, bright and unexpected, this exquisite flavor will have you on the next plane to Provence.