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Mediterranee Coconut

Liberté Méditerranée

Surprisingly luscious whole milk yogurt in seven captivating flavors.

The attention we pay when crafting our sumptuous yogurt is apparent in each spoonful. It begins with our choice of ingredients. The whole milk and cream we select create an indulgently silky texture. The live, active cultures add a layer of deep flavor that is punctuated with bold, real fruit. And as you should expect, we refrain from adding gelatin, sugar substitutes or preservatives.

Surprisingly luscious whole milk yogurt in eleven captivating flavors.

Liberté Greek

An indulgent, fat-free yogurt with high protein to fuel your day.

You may be surprised, due to its rich texture and complex flavor, to find that our luxurious Greek yogurt has 0% fat. Made with fat-free skim milk, yet filled with satisfying protein. Our blend of cultures and hand-nurtured process create an indulgently creamy texture and balanced taste. A clean yogurt taste punctuated with real, high-quality fruit.

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